Tasty, nutritious foods for babies and toddlers made using the best baby grade organic ingredients
We supply a variety of innovative pouch
formats for the baby food sector.
Doypack with "your Brand" possibilities
Baby grade raw materials
Our experienced sourcing team have a strong network of suppliers to ensure consistent high quality ingredients are used in every recipe. These organic and baby grade raw materials are carefully processed to produce premium baby food for the UK & International market.
Convenience & Portability
Using the latest pouch technology, our range of pouches offer the best safety possible along with maximum portability for parents.
Wide variety of flavours
Our development team have many year’s of experience working with the baby food brands to produce innovative and tailored ranges offering a wide variety of flavours across sweet and savoury recipes.
Long Shelf Life
Our advanced production capabilities enable us to produce baby food with long shelf life without compromising on quality.
Broad Range of Textures
We cater for all texture requirements from smooth recipes for the start of weaning through to those which introduce babys and toddlers to lumps and bigger bits for their journey towards family mealtimes.
Guaranteed pack integrity
We’ve invested heavily in the latest equipment to offer the best pouch solutions to the sector, ensuring every pack delivers the best in product quality, taste & safety.